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Mexican Pinguicula (Butterwort) Pics & Cultivation Tips

Photos of my Pinguicula a.k.a. Butterwort collection and some cultivation tips.

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Fall 2015 Update & New Additions

The temperatures are getting colder here in Zone 5.  Some of my plants seem to be enjoying the cooler weather on my basement grow rack.  I thought I would post some photos of plants that I think are looking pretty good right now.  You’ll also notice some new additions. Pinguicula agnata ‘El Lobo’ – new addition, love… Continue reading Fall 2015 Update & New Additions


Drosera Seed Update and Crown Division

A few days back I posted a pic of my grow rack and discussed many of the visible plants, but I never really mentioned the seeds I had sown.  Back in November 2014 I sowed seeds of 3 different species of Drosera.  Drosera capillaris “long arm”, Drosera trinervia, and Drosera spatulata var “Lovellae.”  Here are some pics… Continue reading Drosera Seed Update and Crown Division