• I enjoy collecting strange & unusual plants.  I began collecting carnivorous plants in April 2014 after discovering the TerraforumsNECPS and ICPS communities.  I’ve learned much since then from a variety of different media.  Internet forums and blogs have been exceptionally helpful to me due to the ability to interact with others.
  • I prefer to keep most of my plants on a “grow rack” for a number of reasons.  The grow rack helps to provide optimal growing conditions; grow racks are aesthetically pleasing (to me at least); it gives me more surface area to expand my collection vertically; and it keeps my collection neat & orderly.
  • My goal for this blog is to document my experiences.  I would like to reflect on pictures/posts from year-to-year as I continue to grow these fascinating plants.  I also plan to write articles and guides regarding plants, grow racks, etc.
  • Comments on my blog postings as well as private messages/feedback are always more than welcome.  Check out the “Contact Me” page for more info.

-Rich a.k.a. Radagast

D. burmannii


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