My First Container Bog

Seeing everyone’s beautiful photos of temperate bog plants inspired me to finally grow my own.  As you might already tell I much prefer tropical and sub-tropical plants grown indoors under grow lights.  I do have a love for Sarracenia, and Dionaea…As such they deserve to be grown correctly, i.e. outdoors under full sun.

Materials: Pool Filter (silica) Sand.  Sphagnum Peat Moss. (Yup, that’s it).


I used a wheelbarrow to mix a roughly 50:50 mix of sand and peat; enough to fill my 47 Quart container.  Pre-moisten the media to help make it more “work-able,” and less dusty/messy.  It also prevents the media from siphoning water out of the plants’ roots when you transplant them and helps the adjustment process. (You don’t need to choose such a huge container to start out!)


I then planned where I thought the plants would look the best, and planted them!  It’s that simple.  I then lifted the entire container (carefully of course, using proper lifting technique since it was so damn heavy) and placed it into the wheelbarrow.  I plopped it down in a sunny spot and am going to keep my eye on it to see how it does.  I will move it around as necessary to find the perfect spot.


It started raining shortly after this last picture was taken, so the pot was thoroughly moistened by pure rain water.  Perfect timing!

I also sprinkled some extra seeds of Drosera burmannii around on the surface of the media.  They won’t survive the dormancy period but they’ll sure look great for the summer if the sprout.

Wish me luck! 


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