Backyard Herbalism

Backyard Herbalism: Wild Violet Jelly

This spring was an interesting one here in Zone 5.  Temperatures fluctuated wildly from 1 day to the next.  One day would be 70°F, the next it would snow!


One thing that I look forward to every spring is the blooming of my wild violets (Viola sp.).  My backyard is filled with them.  Last year I learned from a friend that they are edible, and that some folks make candied violets out of the flowers.  I did some research and found that there are numerous other products that can be made (jelly, syrup, tea, etc).  In fact violet syrup used to be (and still is!) used as a naturopathic cough medicine.


I highly recommend this wild violet jelly recipe.  It goes well on toast, English muffins, and scones just to name a few.


Give it a try!



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