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Recent & Not-So-Recent Acquisitions

Despite a more mild than usual Autumn season, things are starting to slow down here in Zone 5.  Like many of us in cold climates I have acquired several new additions over the past few months before the cold sets in and shipping is too risky.  I’ve also been busy sowing seed & propagating several plants in my collection.  While tending to my plants this morning I noticed several new & old additions were looking good, and I’d like to share them with you.

Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor


Dionaea muscipula (baby flytraps!)


The following 2 pics are of my Drosera capensis x spatulata.  The first is grown under T8 bulbs, and the other is grown under T5-HO bulbs.  Interesting differences.

Drosera capensis x spatulata (T8 bulbs)


Drosera capensis x spatulata (T5-HO bulbs)


Drosera venusta var. coccicaulis


Drosera ‘Watari’


Nepenthes bongso


Nepenthes “Lady Luck”


Nepenthes ventricosa “Black Peristome”




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