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Fall 2015 Update & New Additions

The temperatures are getting colder here in Zone 5.  Some of my plants seem to be enjoying the cooler weather on my basement grow rack.  I thought I would post some photos of plants that I think are looking pretty good right now.  You’ll also notice some new additions.

Pinguicula agnata ‘El Lobo’ – new addition, love the color.

Pinguicula agnata 'El Lobo'

Pinguicula cyclosecta

Pinguicula cyclosecta

Stylidium debile – debates continue on whether this plant is carnivorous or protocarnivorous.  Grown for its pretty flower.  Commonly known as the “frail trigger plant.”

Stylidium debile

Nepenthes burkei x hamata – bonus points if you can locate the spider!

Nepenthes burkei x hamata

Nepenthes eymae x trusmadiensis – love the “candy-striped” peristome.

Nepenthes eymae x trusmadiensis

Nepenthes ‘Helen’ x spectabilis – my first successfully germinated Nepenthes seeds

Nepenthes Helen x spectabilis

Nepenthes ventricosa-squat x [ventricosa x (lowii x ventricosa)] – new addition, I just love the look of the pitcher.

Nepenthes ventricosa-squat x [ventricosa x (lowii x ventricosa)]

Drosera aliciae – repotted this one after the crown divided and formed a new plant.

Drosera aliciae

Drosera burmannii – my 2nd variety of this species.  My other variety is pure green; this one is developing a nice pale pink/red coloration.

Drosera burmannii

Drosera burmannii – here is the antho-free green form for comparison.

Drosera burmannii

Drosera graomogolensis – One of my favorite sundews.

Drosera graomogolensis

Drosera sessilifolia – resembles D. burmannii but with shorter petioles and a more compact appearance.

Drosera sessilifolia

Thanks for taking a look!  Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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