Grow Rack

My Grow Rack as of January 2015

Just as much as I enjoy looking at photos of others’ plants, I like it when people post photos of their “grow area” or “growing setup.”  I’m often blown away by other growers’ creativity and ability to adapt their unique environments to accommodate beautiful plants that require different growing conditions.

Grow Rack
My grow rack. 6 feet high, 4 feet wide, 18 inches deep.

I just took that pic in December of 2014 and already I’ve changed some things around.  I’m working on upgrading my lighting to 4foot long fluorescent tubes (you’ll notice a 2ft fixture from my previous, smaller grow rack.  You can find these adjustable metal shelving units at any home improvement store and sometimes they have great sales.  The one in the picture cost approximately $50-60 on sale and is located in my basement.

The white material around 3 sides is called “Panda Film,” and can be found from many different home improvement and online hydroponic retailers.  The manufacturer reports that it reflects 90% of the light.  The other side of the panda film is black (hence the name…) and does a great job of preventing the light from diffusing.

I was able to locate the white plant trays from an online retailer.  I prefer the white trays to the black ones because they supposedly do not get as warm, and will help reflect more light.  They also just look nicer to me.  I have 4 trays on each shelf rather than one large tray to accommodate plants that require differentwatering techniques.

Sundew & Sarracenia
One tray on my grow rack under T5HO fluorescent lights. 1 bloom bulb and 1 grow bulb.

Pay no attention to the dead looking D. burmannii in the front right.  He’s playing possum.  He’s returned from the dead twice now after flowering and is on his 3rd comeback.  He just wants attention.

Neps & Pings
My Nepenthes and Pinguicula collection. Several Nepenthes cuttings are in the back.

You’ll also see some of my Tillandsia in that shot.

Entire collection
My carnivorous plant collection thus far. Looks tiny now but it looked huge on my smaller shelf! *sigh* Tillandsia in the background hanging on floral wire, and seeds germinating on the left.

That’s all for now.  As you can see I’ve got PLENTY of room to expand and gradually make the needed improvements.  I do not use any fans/humidifiers.  The conditions in my basement seem to stay within recommended values.  Temperatures fluctuate from 50F-75F, and relative humidity can very between 30%-80%.  On very cold nights (I’m in Zone 5!) I place a piece of “Mylar Bubble Wrap” across the front of my plant collection to keep out any drafts coming in from the garage and this works well.


6 thoughts on “My Grow Rack as of January 2015

  1. Looking Good! You’ve got a great start there and everything looks so happy.

    Definitely do your research on lights before you spend a ton in an upgrade, but in saying that I got away with growing for years under the cheap $10 4 foot shoplights Walmart carries, mainly spending $ on good bulbs for them. Really only upgraded to take it easier on my electric bill, not because the quality was sub par. A word of warning on the metal racks too, I’m in the process of searching for an alternative because mine rust out bad in about a year and I’m sick of replacing them. Might just try spraying them with a rustproofer this time around because everything else decent is so expensive! However, if the front of your grow area is open, yours might last longer before they start making a mess.


    1. Hey Melody! Thanks for dropping by to check out my blog. I’m very eager to grow my collection but I’m going at a slow pace while I make sure I’m doing everything right.

      Thanks for the heads up on the rust issue. It is certainly something I’ve seen from other growers and I keep a close eye on it. The growers that I’ve seen who have a problem with that so far typically run very consistently high humidity. I don’t have any foggers or anything so the only humidity I get is from using the tray method for watering. If I begin to notice rust I plan to cover the surfaces with that reflective metallic tape, or a rust proofer like you mentioned. Let me know how yours works out!


  2. That’s a pretty good looking grow rack. Enjoy that feeling of having lots of room – it won’t last long!

    Looks like you’ve got some good color on your Drosera too.


    1. Hey Devon, thanks so much for stopping by and checking it out! Yeah I definitely have a feeling that once the weather warms up in the spring I’m going to go through plant fever and place big orders haha. I had my Drosera very close to the T5HO lights. I just recently moved the light further away.


    1. Haha that is what everyone says! I’m just glad I upgraded to such a large grow rack so hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy the “collecting” phase before I have to arrive at the next “expansion” phase!


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